fredag 10 januari 2020

SS-Obersturmführer Oskar Munsky Vermisst 1945 in Polen

Oskar Munsky
DoB: 13.1.1910 in Wolfsbüttel (Fhrlist der NARA says Marienburg)
Vermisst: 1945 in Polen (als Kriegsgefangener)

SS-Nr: 219 486

SS-Ostuf: 30.1.43

Known units
16./SS-Pz.Gr.Rgt.22 "Frundsberg" als Kp.chef
1./.SS-Pi.Btl.10 "Frundsberg" als Kp.Chef
16./SS-Pz.Gr.Rgt.22 "Frundsberg" als Kp.chef

Known awards:

According to some sources they claim that he died in 1947 as POW. Not verified. Anyone who knows more about him, please contact me on georg68schwab(a)

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tisdag 24 december 2019

I wish..

... you all a Merry Christmas  and a HappyNew Year!

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söndag 22 december 2019

SS-Stubaf Otto Vollmar Updated

Hello all,

The info on SS-Stubaf Otto Vollmar is updated with some new info. You can see his page here -

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lördag 19 oktober 2019

More names I need help with - Book project

Hello all,

More officers that I am searching photos and deathdate on. All the help I can get is much appriciated. You can send an email to me on georg68schwab(a)gmail,com

Hermann Ahlborn, born 1916 SS-Hstuf. SS-Kav.
Heinrich Ahlert, born 1913 SS-Hstuf. SS-Nederland
Hans Ahlf SS-Ostuf., born 1914 date of death known. Maybe have a photo of him? SS-Norge
Hans Ahrens SS-Ostuf., born 1913 KIA 1941 anyone who has more info on this officer is much well come to send info to me. He has no SS-File (vanished/stolen/burned etc) - SS-Pz.Gr.Rgt. 10
Hermann Ahrens, born 1914 KIA 1944 Anyone who has a photo of him? AA3 and AA11
Hermann Ahrens, born 1925 SS-St.Ob.junk. Photo and deathdate wished. Served among others on SS-Pz.A.AuE.Abt.

Once agian, any help much appriciated!

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torsdag 3 oktober 2019

Help to a Book project : SS / Waffen-SS Führerliste


I am currently working on a major Führerliste der SS / Waffen-SS. Hopefully will Vol 1 be released spring next year, Volume 1 will contain all known Officers with a familyname starting on Letter A. On top of that I am also working on all the others letters as well.

Why I do this is that I have found out that the existing lists lacking a lot of info. Units, dates etc. I try to attach a photo of each officer as well. When I am done I hope atleast 1 / 4 will have a photo to the name. The sources I use is primarilly the A3343 SSO:s but also SS-Veränderungsblatt, SS-Befehle, SS-DAL, Veränderungsblatt der Waffen-SS, Veränderungsblatt der WVHA, SS-Personalveränderungsblatt, Der Freiwillige, books etc. I also use different webpages for Familyresearch to find deathdates of different officers. Thanks to that I have got some contact with ancestors to different Officers.

I will here attach a first list of names that I wish to get help with, what I first need is a photo of the officers. When there is a + sign after the name I also need if known a deathdate and where.

Wolfgang Bartsch
Franz Bartau +
Ewald Bartung +
Gerhard Berghof
Viktor Berghofen +
Benedikt Berghofer +
Ernst Berghofer +
Willi Berghoff
Ernst Bergholz +

I don´t want to make a list that goes on forever, so I will send some names from time to time.

The Manuskript for Volume 1 is currently on 720 (growing) pages and for Volume 2 (B) is on 860 pages (halfdone) For each Family name I have currently 303 photos of SS-Officers on A and on B I have 931 photos.

I attach two screendumps of each Manuskript (A & B)

Note: There is IMPOSSIBLE to make a ffull and correct SS / Waffen-SS Führerliste as many officers don´t have an SS-FIle or in some cases only one page (Rune Ahlgren as an example,) some norwegian, Estonian, Lettische etc dont have have an SSO and I get the info either from veränderungsblatt etc or books.

Anyone who knows sitting on photos or info on officers with family name on A or B send me an email on georg68schwab(a) If there are anyone who has the need of a SS-File of particulare SS-Officer just ask and I will see if I have it in my archive.

I forgot to say: Of course will full credit for the photo info given

Thanks in advance

Best regards
A example.JPG
B example.JPG

onsdag 2 oktober 2019

SS-Untersturmführer Otto Greger Vermisst : 5.1945

Otto Greger

SS-Nr: 356454
NSDAP Nr: 6619396

Geb. 21.11.1903 in Prag
Vermisst: 5.1945 Loboschitz

SS-Ustuf: 30.1.44

SS-Hauptamt (Schulung) : 1944 -
Bef.i.d.Abt. Truppenbetreung der Hauptabt. C1 : -1944
Eintritt im Waffen-SS : 1940
Eintritt im SS : 22.2.1939

Awards: Julleuchter, KvK II m.Schwerten

Source: DRK und A3343 SSO Greger, Otto 1903 (Very damaged SS-File through fire)

onsdag 25 september 2019

SS.Hauptsturmführer Karl Ziesenitz Vermisst 3.1945

Karl Ziesenitz

DoB: 1.11.1918 Stassfurth
Vermisst: 3.1945 in Plattensee

SS-Nr: ?

SS-Hstuf: 9.11.44
SS-Ostuf: ?
SS-Ustuf: ?

SS-Werfer Abt. 12 1945 als Kdr
2./SS-Werf.Abt.12 1944-1945 Bttr.fhr
4./SS-Pz.Art.Rgt.12 1944
SS-Pz.Gr.AuE.Btl.1 -1944

Source: DRK, Fhr.Liste der NARA und Internet