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SS-Untersturmführer Fritz Hüholt Vermisst 8.1944

Fritz Hüholt

28.9.1919 in Varel, Kreis Oldenburg
Vermisst: 20.8.1944 in Falaise

SS-Nr: 343338
NSDAP Nr: 6078373

SS-Ustuf: 21.6.42

Known awards: Westwall Er.Med, Süd.Er.Med

SS-Flak.Abt.12 : 1944
SS-Na.Abt.12  : 1943 - 1944
SS-Na.AuE.Btl : 1942 -
Stab / SS-Na.Abt.5 : 1942
SS-Na.Ers.Abt. "Nürnberg" : 1942
SS-Junkerschule Braunschweig : 1941 - 1942 als SS-Junker
SS-UF Schule Radolfzell : 1941
SS-Junkerschule Tölz : 1941 Verbereitende Lehrgang
SS-Na.Ers.Abt. "Nürnberg" : 1941
1./SS-Na.Abt. "Reich" : - 1941 als Kradmelder
1./SS.NA.Stuba SS-VT 1938 -

Fritz Hüholt was not married and he is not listed in the Vermisstenbildlisten der DRK, which indicates that he had no family left who could put in a search ad for him in the 50/60´s At the homepage of Volksbund is he listed, still as Vermisst. In his SSO file is it listed that the SS-Flak.Abt. thought that he deserted and ran over to the enemy. This did the judge of the 12.SS-Pz.Div. later withdraw as he got the info that a witness had seen Fritz Hüholt wounded and therefor did he not deserted.

Source: SSO Hüholt, Fritz , Volksbund


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